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UCB Media Room: Changes in UCB's Board of Directors


[02/10/2020 | 07:03]

** Changes in UCB's Board of Directors

Brussels (Belgium), October 2, 2020 =E2=80=93 7:00 AM (CET) =E2=80=93 UCB S=
A/NV announces the proposal of the following changes in the composition of =
its Board of Directors for approval at the UCB Annual General Meeting on Ap=
ril 29, 2021.=C2=A0

At the UCB Annual General Meeting on April 29, 2021, Evelyn du Monceau will=
have reached the statutory age limit and will step down as Chair and Direc=
tor of the Board of UCB SA/NV. She will retire from the Board after four ye=
ars as UCB=E2=80=99s Chair and over 35 years as UCB Board member. Stefan Os=
chmann, who is completing his successful tenure as CEO of Merck (https://u7=
iGNjodePXncdFHf5pO7HxVu11q6flUBJv-2FRYALavF8Kna2GoZuIrn3CQ4wLOFY-3D by end =
of April 2021 will be proposed as the successor to Evelyn du Monceau in the=
role of Chair of UCB's Board of Directors. Stefan Oschmann will be an inde=
pendent Board member. Fiona du Monceau will be proposed as Vice Chair repla=
cing Pierre Gurdjian, independent Director, who will remain a member of the=
Board. The Board would like to thank Pierre Gurdjian for successfully work=
ing in tandem with the Chair for the past four years and is very appreciati=
ve for his continued engagement as Board member.

Jean-Christophe Tellier, UCB=E2=80=99s CEO said: =E2=80=9CUCB=E2=80=99s Boa=
rd of Directors and Executive Committee want to express their sincere thank=
s to Evelyn du Monceau for the key role she played as Board member and as U=
CB Chair over the years. Evelyn, one of the few women chairing the Board of=
a Belgian company listed on Euronext Brussels, has been a highly appreciat=
ed member of the Board for over 35 years bringing a unique contribution and=
perspective to the company=E2=80=99s strategic discussions and always keep=
ing the patients well-being top of mind. We are very grateful for how she c=
ontributed to guide UCB on its transformation and growth journey. We also w=
armly welcome Stefan Oschmann as the new Chairman and Fiona du Monceau as V=
ice Chair.=E2=80=9D

Evelyn du Monceau, Chair and Director of the Board of UCB said: =E2=80=9CSi=
nce 2017 I have been chairing the UCB Board with great commitment and passi=
on, and this in close collaboration with the Vice Chair Pierre Gurdjian. It=
was a privilege to chair UCB and work with our CEO Jean-Christophe Tellier=
during this period of major achievements of the company such as the progre=
ssion of our pipeline, important acquisitions, and the launch of new soluti=
ons aimed at helping patients who suffer from severe diseases, so that they=
can live the life they would like to have. I am very pleased with the choi=
ce of the future Chair, Stefan Oschmann, and Vice Chair, Fiona du Monceau, =
and I am highly confident that together they will bring the experience, ded=
ication and the human qualities needed to take UCB to the next level.=E2=80=
=9D =C2=A0

Stefan Oschmann became Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Merck in =
2016. He joined Merck in 2011 as a member of the Executive Board and was re=
sponsible for the Healthcare business sector until the end of 2014. He then=
became Vice Chairman and CEO. Before joining Merck, Stefan Oschmann worked=
for the U.S. pharma company MSD, where he served in a range of senior exec=
utive positions. He started his career at an agency of the United Nations a=
nd worked for the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI). Stefan Oschma=
nn is a German national, was born in W=C3=BCrzburg, Germany. He holds a doc=
torate in Veterinary Medicine from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit=C3=A4t in M=

Jean-Christophe Tellier, UCB=E2=80=99s CEO said: =E2=80=9CStefan Oschmann=
=E2=80=99s exceptional leadership skills and strategic business experience =
in life sciences, will bring a wealth of external expertise at a time when =
UCB is preparing to enter its Breakthrough and Lead strategic phase. We are=
very confident that Stefan Oschmann will guide us to continuously create m=
ore value for patients and built on our commitment to care for our people, =
our communities, and the planet.=E2=80=9D

Fiona du Monceau brings nearly 20 years of experience in life sciences. She=
is COO of ExeVir Bio and a board member of Financi=C3=A8re de Tubize SA si=
nce 2014. Previously, Fiona was Venture Partner at UCB Ventures and UCB Eve=
nity Commercial Lead and Head of EU for the Bone business. Prior to UCB, sh=
e led various teams at Eli Lilly, managed business units and implemented ne=
w models. Fiona also worked for McKinsey & Company covering healthcare clie=
nts in the US and Europe and worked in business development at GSK Biologic=
als. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a MSc in Management fr=
om the Belgian Solvay Business School (ULB). She is a Fulbright and a Belgi=
an American Education Foundation (BAEF) scholar. Fiona is a governor of the=
London Business School and a member of their audit and risk committee.

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